Saturday, May 12, 2012

Review With just one click.... by Amanda Strong

Amanda Strong shares her book with us courtesy of the Chicklitplus blog tour.   This is her second tour for her book With just one click...   Thank you for the opportunity to read this book and share it her on Writer’s Corner!

Chloe, Morgan, and Brynn discover the wonderful world of facebook and the advantages and disadvantages to this new world.   Chloe is a New York movie reviewer who involves herself in facebook at the suggestion of her friends.   She then runs across someone she thought she would never see again.   Then there is Morgan who also gets involved with facebook because of her friends insistence.   She thinks this facebook world is awesome! The only problem is her husband friends ex from high school. EJ cannot understand why Morgan is jealous of this ex.   Will husband and wife make amends?    Brynn has been married and has the perfect life with the husband and two kids.   She has been extremely unhappy and even seeing a therapist.  She stumbles into facebook and finds someone from her past to help her with her unhappiness.  What choices will she choose for her family?  What consequences will be the result?

My Thoughts:
I liked the book.   I found the subject of facebook for a book very interesting.   I thought that the influence of facebook on our daily lives was interesting to me especially with how it was written.    The author would share examples of characters such as Morgan sharing about her kids.  The husband is waiting to start the car and she is posting photos on facebook and updating her status.   I never really thought of how much facebook might influence me.   I thought the characters are very unique in drawing out their circumstances and how facebook played a part.   I felt this book was a strong debut for Amanda Strong.  I hope you will check it out.