Saturday, October 27, 2012

Want a Little Murder and Mystery Check out Christie Craig's Don't Mess with Texas

This novel is my first Christie Craig novel. I was excited to jump in and devour this novel.

Nikki goes to meet her ex-husband Jack for a dinner to remember.  Nikki debates about does she wants him back or not?  She enters the restaurant and then decides  she will have a nice dinner with her ex-husband because it is the least she can do.  Nikki listens to Jack and considers  his proposal to come back.   She deliberately irritates Jack by putting  one finger in the gumbo.  Jack  likes his food clean, and Nikki knows how much that will disturb Jack.   The phone rings and he leaves to take a phone call.  Nikki waits for him to come back but then he doesn’t show up.   She is left with a hefty bill  and makes veiled threats towards her ex-husband. Then  Nikki stops at the grocery store to help her ailing stomach.    She gets the medicine and heads for her car.   A surprise is revealed in the back of her trunk.    

The cops are called and Nikki is considered a suspect in the crime.   Enter Dallas O’Connor   the private eye who has his doubts about Nikki at first but soon changes his mind.    His brother Tony has the case and at first is convinced of her guilt. Dallas takes Nikki on as a client and then the sparks fly.   Will Nikki be able to open her heart to Dallas? Will  the brother’s find the murderer? 
I had never read anything by Christie Craig.   I was not disappointed by the novel.  I loved the mystery that took place throughout the novel.  Ms. Craig kept you interested enough to continue to keep reading.  She also created memorable characters such as Nana, Nikki, Tyler, and Dallas.  My only criticism  was that the story  seemed to drag in spots.  I enjoyed the book.  An author worth checking out.

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