Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Can One Summer Bring the Sisters She Always Wanted Together?

Nancy Thayer is another writer that often writes about Nantucket Massachusetts. She known for her fabulous beach read novels.  This novel is a light read to focus on the bond of sisters.  What would one daughter do to have a relationship with her sisters?  They are in fact half-sisters.  They have to live in a house on Nantucket for the summer.


Jenny is anxious to share the house on Nantucket with her half sisters Meg and Arden.  There is one problem she has not relationship with either half-sisters.  Their father Rory Randall chose her over her two sisters or so she thought.  There was a theft at the house and Arden is blamed and her sister Meg by association.  The women come to the house to fulfill the clause in the will.  Will each sister find what she is looking for?  Will the truth from the past come out?

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this story.   Readers will too!  The issues between the sisters resolved pretty easily.  My favorite sister in the group is Meg.  Meg is a professor in the beginning of her career but with lack of confidence issues.   The major issue is what happened between Arden and Jenny’s step mom.  How to resolve this conflict?   The resolution took a little longer but made for a more interesting end to the story. 

Awesome setting as in Nantucket!   Readers can look forward to reading her current novel  Hot Flash Holiday.



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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Winner of the Alyson Richman giveaway is....

Chrissy for Every Free Chance.   Please email me as soon as possible!   I will see Alyson tomorrow night and can get your copy signed.   My email address is