Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chick Lit Plus Blog tours: Starring In The Movie Of My Life by Laurel Osterkamp

This book is Laurel’s second novel. She has been compared to the likes of Jennifer Weiner and Jodi Picoult in her writing style. I am excited to have the opportunity to review this book.


This novel is told from two different points of view of Sam and Melody. Their lives are intertwined by the man that is Sam’s husband Nathan Linden. Melody has a crush on her teacher Mr. Linden. She comes up with an elaborate scheme to get Mr. Linden’s attention. Sam has her own problems and warns Nathan about Melody. Sam is also trying to help out a friend by being her surrogate won’t commit to growing in her own relationship. Melody’s elaborate plan affects many people but will she realize how this will affect her family? Her friends? Mr. Linden her teacher? Will Sam be able to make up her mind about who she wants to be with Mr. Linden or Collin her exboyfriend?


The novel focuses on the choices of both Sam and Melody and how their choices affect other people. The author strive d to give perspective to of both women. I thought this book was easy to read. The conflicts that are interwoven into these characters that compels the reader to keep going.