Friday, April 13, 2012

Bourne Supremacy by Robert Ludlum

I loved the movies in the Bourne series. I have watched them all several times. I read the book the Bourne Identity last summer and was happy that I had seen the movie to help me follow the book. I found that Ludlum wrote his character of Jason Bourne well if it was to convey Jason's confusion to us the re ader. I often felt lost in that book. I liked the Bourne Supremacy and thought it was better than the Bourne Identity. I thought the book was a little clearer to understand. I of course was confused with Jason because Ludlum writes with so much detail when referring to Jason. I loved the parts with Marie and found the book easier to follow or when the author referred to the government officials. This book over all might have been easier to follow listening to the book.

The story of the Bourne Supremacy is different than the movie. Jason is called back into service by ambassador Havilland in Hong Kong. He sends his Undersecretary of State McAllister to inform David Webb and his wife Marie of the details of the assassin who has assumed the role of Jason Bourne. McAllister promises security for the Webbs but this is a deception to bring Jason Bourne to Hong Kong. The protection falls apart shortly after McAllister leaves and Marie is kidnapped. David is left with a threat that if he doesn't do what the Tiapain wants he will kill his wife. David Webb doesn't want to reassume the role of Jason Bourne. While he searches for help from his government and is rejected. He goes to the one person who can help him more than anyone else. He turns to Alexander Conklin for answers. Conklin's advice is for David to play the scenario out and become Bourne again and search for this assign who has assumed the identity of Jason Bourne. Will Jason be successful and see his wife again?


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