Monday, December 31, 2012

Ready, Set, Go: The Bourne Ultimatum by Robert Ludlum

This book does not reflect the movie. 

Morris Panov and Alex Conklin go to this carnival as directed by Jason Bourne.  All of the sudden shots are fired and both know this is a trap.    A message is left by the Jackal that he is after Jason Bourne and his family. Alex gets in contact with Jason and warns his family.  The Jackal is back and wants Bourne’s family dead.   He sends Marie and the kids to his brother in-law’s resort to stay safe.  Will they really be safe?
Meanwhile Jason meets up with Alex in D.C.  They start investigating the Jackal and the question is Medusa involved?  Through a series of events Medusa proves to be more involved than they thought. 

My Thoughts:

I read this novel, and thought it was better written than the prior two books.  I felt that I understood what events were taken place in the story.   I was interested in seeing if Jason would get the Jackal.   I found the book slow in places and full of detail.   I find books that include this much detail tend to lose my interest.  I was satisfied in the end and glad the trilogy is over with.

The movie the Bourne Ultimatum focuses on events that take place in the book the Bourne Identity.  There is nothing in this book that is remotely related to the movie.  You must realize the story is different but yet enjoyable..

If you are interested in continuing in this series; Eric Van Luster picks up where Ludlum left off with the Bourne Betrayal.