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The Winners are...!!

Congratulations to the winners of Hell or High Water by Joy Castro.  I need the winners to message me at   You have 48 hours to collect your prize.    The winners were chosen using

They are:
Monika E.
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Step Back In Time with Tracey Bateman

Tracey Bateman welcomes you to Oregon  Country in the Oregon Brides stories.


Oregon Brides: But for Grace/Everlasting Hope/Beside Still Waters (Heartsong Novella Collection)Star has a secret about her past life that she wants to keep hidden.   Her mother working in the Salon.  She runs away and straight into the arms of Michael Riley.  The story is not that simple because Michael has dealt with a past that involves the saloons as well.  Will he forgive and be able to move forward?

Hope feels that all her problems will be solved if she can move her family out west. Now how to get around that small detail of no husband?  Could Andy Riley be the key?

Eva feels the world at her feet and possesses a wild spirit just like her pa.  No man has been able to tame her yet.  Will Jonesy succeed where others have failed?

 My Thoughts:

I am a fan of Tracey Bateman’s writing.  I actually liked Oregon Brides better than the California Chances.   I found each story interesting.   The book kept my interest all the way through.   I felt hope and joy emanating from each story. 

I love reading a book that can take you back in time.   Ms.  Bateman describes the ideal setting for a story of love and romance.   What entices you to read a story?  Would you be interested in totally escaping?

Please let Tracey know your thoughts.   You can contact her on her website   and facebook

Sunday, July 22, 2012

In My Mail Box

Who Got Liz Gardner
Who Got Liz Gardner by Elizabeth Allen 
Girl Unmoored
Girl Unmoored by Jennifer Gooch Hummer

A Sweethaven Summer
Sweet Haven Summer by Courtney Walsh
War Brides
War Brides by Helen Bryan

Whole Latte Life
Whole Latte Life by Joanne DeMaio 

Wedlocked: A Novel
Wedlocked by Bonnie Trachtenberg 

Your Magic Touch
Your Magic Touch by Kathy Carmichael  a gift on Amazon.
Nightingale Way: An Eternity Springs Novel
Nightingale Way by Emily March from Netgalley. 

 I am currently Reading:
 Shopaholic Takes Manhattan (Summer Display Opportunity)       The Bungalow: A Novel (.)

There are two giveaways currently going on $200.00 in Amazon Cash and Hell or High Water Giveaway.   For the Hell or High Water giveaway please make sure you leave your e-mail.

If You Like Jennifer Weiner then try Shelly Bell!

Shelly Bell is visiting to Writer’s Corner on the Chick Lit Plus Blog Tour.  She is promoting her debut novel A Year to Remember.


Sara is the older sibling and today her younger brother Seth is getting married.  Sara being the eldest child feels some animosity towards her sibling on his special day.  She is asked to give a speech at his reception then caught by surprise and doesn’t know what to say at first.  Sara vows to get married by her thirtieth birthday.  Let the online dating journey begin.   Sara brings along her friend Missy for support in carrying out this quest.  Will Sara find someone special?  What will she learn about herself?

My Thoughts:

If you like Jennifer Weiner then you will also like Shelly Bell.   I had a hard time putting this book down.    I am interested in checking out this J-Date website is it real?   I thought the story was great.   I loved how the author developed the characters as the story went along.   

I thought that this book was very easy to read.   I loved how the plot wasn’t just about finding your mate but also having a fulfilling life.  Another question that could be asked is what you do have to contribute?  A great relationship should seek to fulfill you.  It should also matter what you have to contribute.  Where do your interests lie?  I am a cook, writer, and reader.  I am interested in joining writing groups or joining a cooking class.    

Here is an exerpt from the A Year to Remember

He tightened his grip and pulled me closer. My head rested against his chest, just as it had all those years ago. His hand moved up and down my back and I swear he sniffed my hair. I started to get tingly all over as his hard body rubbed up against mine. I cursed myself for letting him affect me that way, when I should have known better.
Goldman encompassed all my favored physical attributes. Even though my mind understood he was a jerk, my body lusted after his. I wanted to run my fingers through his dark brown wavy hair, stare into those deep chocolate eyes, and strip off his clothes. That’s why I usually stayed at least five feet away from him at all times.
Under the circumstances, I wouldn’t be able to follow my own rules.
The longer we danced, the faster my pulse raced. I swore I felt his own heart beating quicker, too, and his breathing seemed deeper, as if he couldn’t get enough air.
His lips brush my ear. Oh my God, was he going to kiss me?
“I liked your speech, Sara. All your talk about beshert.”
I didn’t dare raise my eyes to meet his. Instead, I kept my gaze focused on his chest.
“Thanks, Goldman. That’s nice of you to say.”
“Do you really think you’ll find someone to marry you within the year?”

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