Thursday, May 24, 2018

Writer’s Corner Anniversary Giveaway High Tide club by Mary Kay Andrews

Thank you to Tandem Literary and St. Martin’s Press for sending me a copy of The High TideClub by Mary Kay Andrews.  I was given this copy in exchange for an honest review.

The month of May 2018 is the 8th anniversary of Writer’s Corner.  Today we celebrate with a review and giveaway of The High Tide Club by Mary Kay Andrews.  The giveaway will run from the 24 the  to the 31 of May.  I always look forward each year to sharing the next book by Mary Kay Andrews and this year is no exception.  Are you ready for some fun?


One night in October 1941 an engagement party took place on Talisa Island the home of the Bettendorfs.  This engagement party is for Millie a friend of Josephine Bettendorf.  At the party Millie is dancing with Josephine’s brother Gardiner when her fiancĂ© Russell Strickland suddenly notices, and pulls her away from Gardiner roughly.   Gardiner  confronts  Russell and threatens that he better be off the island by morning.  Meanwhile Josephine, Millie, Ruth, and Varina take a short trip to Mermaid beach and initiate the High Tide Club.   While on their way back to the house they notice Russell’s body, and they decide to hide it.

Choices were made that night that impacted the future.  In the present 99 year old Josephine Bettendorf Warrick wants to settle some old debts.  She contacts Brook Trapnell to handle her estate and help get back together the women of the High Tide Club.  When Josephine passes suddenly the mystery remains as to what happened all those years ago and who will inherit the estate?

My Thoughts: 

I really enjoyed this book.  I loved the characters of Josephine, Ruth, Millie, Varina and their descendants Marie, Brook, Felicia, and Lizzie.  Ms. Andrews crafted a wonderful set of characters that I would not mind seeing again in another book.  While reading this book every time I thought I knew where the plot would go, but I was wrong.  This book is great for going to the beach.  I hope that we will hear more from the High Tide Club in the future!



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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

What Scintillating Tales Can Beatriz Williams Tell?

It would not be summer reading if I did not include at least one book by Beatriz Williams.  A Certain Age is part of a series of novels that are set in the 1920s.  It is full of scandal, adultery, and a murder. Oh! My!  What could happen next?  Include an independently minded woman who wants to shape her own destiny.    Let the tale begin!


It is the trial of the century; Mr. Fortescue is on trial for the murder of his wife. Why now?  Let me tell you a story it begins with Mrs. Theresa Marshall sneaking away with her latest boy toy Octavian when her brother finds her, and declares that he is in love with Sophie Fortescue.  He needs his sister Theresa to find someone to be his messenger with the marriage proposal.   This messenger Octavian completes his task but finds there is more to Sophie Fortescue than meets the eye.  When Theresa asks him to investigate Sophie and her family what will he find?  Will Sophie forgive him for the result of his investigation?  Who murdered Sophie’s mother?

My Thoughts:

I loved the story!  I loved Ms. Williams’s attention to detail of the 1920s period.  This story could have been an actual event that took place in history.  I learned a lot more about the Fortescue family in this novel because I read Cocoa Beach prior to A Certain Age. There is much complexity and depth in the characters of Theresa, Sophie, and Octavian.   The pace flagged a little in the middle but the audio narration made it worth it.   Readers will love stepping back in time with this novel. 

I look forward to Beatriz’s next novel!



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