Saturday, April 14, 2012

Victoriously Frazzled: the Frazzled females guide to Restoring Sanity by Cindi Woods

Cindi Woods has written another fabulous bible study. Victoriously Frazzled: the Frazzled Females guide to Restoring Sanity is the sequel to the Frazzled Female. You may wonder what a frazzled female is: The definition might be a woman who is under stress and trying to deal with everything the world throws at her. Cindi helps to provide coping mechanisms through using the bible. Some of the themes covered in the study are: Aging, Responding to God, Acknowledging God’s presence, and control. 

I always find it interesting to see what an author’s take is on a subject or theme. One theme in this study, Aging is never looked at in a positive light once because this means the decline of our life. I my view was changed on this theme. I want to be able to live my life to the fullest and not worry about expectations that aren’t met. Another theme responding in a Godly manner is something that I have to continue to work on myself. Finally the other themes met a lot to me as well but in different ways.

I liked this study. 



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