Friday, April 13, 2012

Summer Sisters by Judy Blume

Meet Victoria and Caitlin also known as Vixen and Cassandra the summer sisters . Victoria goes to the Vineyard every summer to spend time with her friend Caitlin. While Caitlin has had other friends come to visit none have lasted as long as Victoria. The girls become fast friends and summer sisters. Victoria's dad feels this is a great opportunity for her although her mother does not. Tawny tries to make sure Victoria
 ( also known as Vix) knows her place which makes Vix crave being in the Vineyard more. On the Vineyard Vix's second family is Caitlin's dad Lamb, Abby his second wife, Sharkey Caitlin's brother, Daniel and Gus the Chicago boys. The girls experience life together from babysitting to boyfriends. AS much as they remain the same life takes them in opposite directions. Vix ends up at Harvard on scholarship and Caitlin travels the world. Caitlin enjoys spending money and Vix likes to work hard and be responsible. How do they keep their friendship alive despite the differences?
I think we have all had a friend like Caitlin who challenged us to grow and become who we needed to be. In my life I have had many people take this role so I can't really say there has been one influential person. They have been insightful and given much wisdom for which I am truly grateful. Who would that be for you?
I like Judy Blume as an adult author and look forward to reading more of her adult fiction in the future.


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