Thursday, November 13, 2014

What Act of Will Would Stand Out to You?

Act of Will is one of Barbara Taylor Bradford’s earlier novels.  This novel has recently been added in ebook format.  So I had a chance to revisit a novel that I read a few years ago, and share my thoughts on the new format.


Audra and her brothers have lost everything, and are asked to move in with their first cousin.  This cousin does not care for Audra or her brothers and wants revenge for her mother’s past actions.  Her brothers are sent to Australia and Audra is sent to work in a hospital.  She goes onto to become a nurse and then a nanny.  She then meets Vincent Crowther and they form a family.  Audra is determined to be financially sound in her career and family.  She then passes this trait to her daughter and then her granddaughter.  How the ultimate act of will l impact this family?

My Thoughts: 

I have read this novel before.  I enjoyed it the first time around.  I am not so sure this time.  I think it is because I have seen how much this writer has grown since her first novels.   I thought the story was interesting and had a compelling plot.  This plot is a little similar to A Woman of Substance.  It is not a bad novel!  Barbara Taylor Bradford is great at creating strong female characters such as Audra, her daughter, and then her granddaughter. 

 So here are my thoughts on the ebook.  I am not a fan of compact wording in novels.  What I mean is when the page of the novel is a sea of words.  I had tried adjusting it on my kindle but was unable to do it.    

It is  worth checking out if you are interested in her earlier work.


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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Woman Of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford A Review Classic

I am a huge fan of Barbara Taylor Bradford.  I recently reread her first novel A Woman of Substance I hope you will love her work as much as I do.  I am revisiting  this novel because of the recent release of the ebook.

Emma comes from a poor family in the Yorkshire area of England.   Her family scrimps and scrapes to get by in the village of Fairley.  Emma’s family works for the Fairleys a wealthy family who owns the mill where her father Jack, Winston, and Frank work. Emma works as a maid at the Fairley house and has always had a dislike for the Fairleys. This dislike intensifies as Emma is shunned by the youngest son Edwin, when she finds herself pregnant by him.  Emma decides that this the perfect time to put her plan with a P in action.   Watch as Emma puts her plan in action!  Will she get her revenge? 
My Thoughts:

I liked the book just as much the second time around.  I felt like I understood Emma’s character more.  I felt that I had a good feel for the novel the first time, but appreciated it more the second time.  I felt I gained a real depth of the characters. If you enjoy characters that are leaders in their fields and women you will love Barbara Taylor Bradford.  I am excited to see what happens next in the series.

Now let's discuss the ebook.  I am excited for the author Barbara Taylor Bradford that her early work is now available in ebook.   My only criticism of the ebook is that  the spacing is very tight.  I could not make the adjustments on my kindle.  Other than that a great format to continue a great story.