Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Single Woman’s Perspective on After I Do

Thank you to Simon and Schuster and Book Sparks PR for a copy of After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid.  This is her second novel, where she explores the marriage relationship after one has been married a few years.   I have some thoughts on the topic of marriage too.  


Lauren and Ryan have the perfect relationship.  They love each other to distraction.  One day circumstances change and they can’t stand to be around one another anymore.  So they come up with this plan to separate for a year which includes no contact with each other.  How will Lauren or Ryan survive?  What will Lauren learn about herself and her relationship with her husband?  Is it more important spend all your time together or some apart?

My Thoughts:  

I enjoyed After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid.  I thought it was interesting how she had different themes in the story concerning marriage. One theme is learning how to put a marriage back together and what it takes to make it work.  Her family brought other themes out such as her mother’s view of relationships. Do you have to be married to be happy or just in it for the romance?  Lauren’s sister Rachel is the only single person in this story but also her best friend.  

For me marriage is important and something to work hard at.  I hope to one day be
married.  I have many single friends that I have lost once they are married.  They only pay attention to their spouse and exclude other relationships or activities.  I have learned through the years a few points about marriage.  I know that I would have looked at it like Lauren when I was in my twenties.  I also would have been wrong.  I have learned that as Granny said in the story that having friends and hobbies are important for a relationship.  I would hope that my spouse would feel the same.

I look forward to reading the next novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Who would be Your One and Only?

It is always a delight to run into Emily Giffin each year she has a new novel come out.  This year with The One and Only she has a new publisher Random House and a different direction in her writing.  I am always excited to read or listen to her novel and can’t wait to share this one!


Shea has grown up with Walker Football and Coach Carr and his family.  Her best
friend is Lucy Carr.  Shea is a Sports Information assistant at Walker.  It keeps her close to her first
love Walker football.  After the death of Connie Carr the coach’s wife circumstances begin to change between Shea and Coach Carr.   He encourages her to take a job with the Dallas Post and gets to date the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys Ryan James.  Is this truly enough?  Shea finds that her thoughts often turning to the coach.  While dating Ryan a tragedy occurs that shakes Shea’s foundation to the core.  Will she be able to let go of the past?


My Thoughts: 

A new direction has brought a different path in Emily’s writing which has led to the world of sports.  I know that she is a big fan of college sports.  I am surprised that this novel was not set in Winston Salem at Wake Forest where she went to school.  Texas works very well in this story especially about football.  It is huge in Texas so a very 
appropriate setting. 

When I was in college I was persuing a degree in Athletic Training.  I was exposed to this career in high school prior to this I was very interested in Shea’s position as a Sport’s Information Assistant.  I very much identified with the story.  The tragedy mentioned is accurate to what can happen with athletes.   I loved that Emily had her character stand up for what is right.  The only problem for me was Shea’s relationship with coach Carr which borders on obsessive.   I loved the narration by Sofia Willingham.

I look forward to the next novel from Emily!



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