Monday, April 9, 2012

Search Me by Erin Petscher

Who doesn’t have a plan for their life and how it is supposed to go? Emily Johnson in Search Me has the plan. Emily and her friends Liza and Rachel struggle through finishing high school and moving onto to college. These girls have been close ever since grade school. Emily has her eyes set on Peter a guy she met at a football game during the fall of her senior year of high school. For Emily it is love at first sight and she believes that she has found her soul mate. She finally asks him out to New Years Concert with disastrous results. Emily feels her life is over and she will never have her soul mate through and turn of events she and Peter hook up. Emily feels that life is great and nothing can go wrong. College starts and that is when her plans start to truly go awry. Will she be able to find her way out of the events that happen during that first semester in college? Is Peter truly her soul mate?

I liked this book. I feel for a first outing the author Erin Petscher gives us a compelling read. I liked the theme and the message she leaves for her readers.


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