Thursday, February 15, 2018

What Is Your Story?

Thank you to Book Trib for a copy of Love Story by Karen Kingsbury. She is a new author to me, but also familiar to many who read her religiously.  My grandma is a huge fan of her writing and gets every novel of hers from the library.  Love Story shares the story of two couples John and Elizabeth Baxter and Andi Ellison and Cody Coleman.  It is a story of new beginnings for one and an origins story for the other.


John Baxter is the patriarch of the Baxter family and is married to Elaine.  They married after the death of Elizabeth Baxter.  His grandson Cole wants to know about the story of him and his first wife Elizabeth’s story of how they met, and became the family that they are today.   What is his story and will he feel comfortable sharing this story? Cole attends each session with his mother Ashley and has a desire to know his parent’s story as well.  Ashley is reluctant to share because her past does not reflect her parent’s.  Can she give Cole the answers he desires?  How does God have his hand in this plan?

Cody and Andi have been engaged twice already.  They are both friends of Bailey Flanagan who is friends with the Baxters.  Cody is a football coach and gives advice to a player not be afraid and tell the girl how he feels.   When the player later returns and shares his success, then Cody decides to give love another chance.  There is a secret that he has not shared with Andi.  She has decided to move on, but can she open her heart to Cody again?  Will God bring them another opportunity? 

My Thoughts: 

I loved this story!  I am not familiar with the story of the Baxters, and will be reviewing this as a stand-alone novel.  Karen Kingsbury has a gift in writing, and I can see why she has been crowned the Queen of Christian fiction.    As a writer she develops characters that are real and relatable to her readers.  I had no trouble with keeping up with the large Baxter clan and their friends throughout this novel.  I loved how the truth from the bible is integrated into the story.   I think if I have an opportunity I might go back and read the Baxter stories from the beginning. 



You can preorder  Karen's next novel To The Moon and Back

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