Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How To Make Hard Choices

I am excited to write this review. I have wanted to read a novel by @PamJenofffor a while. I finally got my opportunity with The Kommandant’s Girl. This novel is historical in nature and focusing on World War II era. For readers who have read The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah; will have a nice segue way into this story.


Emma has just celebrated her Jewish wedding and honeymoon with her beloved Jacob. Then the Nazis invaded Poland. Jacob tells her to return to her family and burn their marriage certificate. Emma cannot bring herself to destroy this precious certificate. She does go to her family, but finds herself in the ghetto. The resistance helps her to escape and live with Jacob’s cousin. While living with Peter’s aunt Emma assumes a new identity of Anna. Anna works in the Nazi office in Krakow and soon becomes involved with the Kommandant. As her relationship with the commandant grows will she be able to help the resistance? Or will he find out who she really is?

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this novel. I loved reading about World War II era that includes intrigue. This novel is narrated by Emma. Ms. Jenoff did a great job showing the conflict that Emma faced as Anna her alter ego. She illustrated the conflict by having Emma’s point of view throughout the story. This only adds to the action and the frenetic pace of the story. The reader will find enjoyment throughout this story. My only request would be to know more about Emma and her journey, at the end of the novel. The ending seemed a little abrupt.

The Kommandant’s Girl is worth a visit. Readers may also want to read Pam Jenoff’s latest novel The Orphan’s Tale.