Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Escape to the Reunion!

Thank you to Faith Words for a copy of the Reunion by Lauraine Snelling.  This copy was given to me in exchange for an honest review.
It is the time for the Sorenson family reunion.  They will get together to celebrate those who are still living and those who have departed.  What surprises could be in store for this family?
Keira and Leah are looking forward to the reunion that is coming soon plus the trip to Norway.  They make a trip to Keira and Marcus’s mother’s house.  Their mother was famous for hiding money and important papers in random places.  Keira and Leah, who is Marcus’s wife, are there to look for the birth certificates to get the passports.  When they find Keira’s birth certificate it is different from her brothers.  Her birth certificate makes no mention of their father Kenneth Sorenson.  Who is she if her father is not Kenneth Sorenson?  Leah and Marcus’s daughter has another secret.  Kirsten is pregnant with her boyfriend’s child.  How will this affect her future? Her relationships with her family and boyfriend?
My Thoughts: 
I enjoyed this novel.  The author asked two specific questions.  What would you do if they found out they were an illegitimate child?  How would you react?  Who are you?  Then the author took the opposite side and looked at it from the mother’s perspective.  Would you choose to keep the child?  Marry the father?  How would it change your future?  Could you forgive?   When I had my quiet time this morning time that we need to show love to those we have forgiven or wronged us. How successful have any of us been at forgiving and loving those who have wronged us? 
The reunion played a minor role in this story.  It was more about the events leading up to it.  I appreciated the author’s complexity of the characters.  These characterizations really illustrated the two major conflicts in the story.  
Lauraine Snelling is another worth reading more of!

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