Saturday, April 14, 2012

Restless Hearts by Marta Perry

Restless Hearts Fiona Flanagan ventures back to Crossroads township area to start over and get to know her family in the area. Fiona is a midwife desiring to set up her practice in Crossroads. Her father's sides of the family the Flanagan's live over in Suffolk and are a great support to Fiona in her move there. In the process of getting settled Fiona meets her mother's side of the family who are Amish. At first Fiona decides not to have anything to do with them but finds she can't get along without them. Her business is very dependent on the Amish support. Fiona also gets help from the local law enforcement in Ted Rittenhouse.

Ted Rittenhouse is a native of Crossroads township who also left for a while and came back. Ted's heritage is Amish. He made the decision to move back there after spending some time in Chicago training to be a police officer. Ted is haunted by his past and desires to move forward with his life. He is also extremely loyal to his upbringing, and does not trust easily. Ted knows Fiona's Amish family because of his history with dating her aunt. 

When they meet as Fiona looks for a place to live Ted greets her with great caution. As he starts to get to know Fiona and sees how valuable her work is to the community he finds he is attracted to her. Ted even helps Fiona make adjustments to visit her Amish family. They seem to grow closer to but an investigation causes problems for their relationship? Will Ted understand Fiona's motives? Or will he doubt her trust?

I found this book to be an easy read. I liked the story and couldn't wait to find out how it would end. I recommend the book.



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