Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Life Sometimes Has So Many Twists and Turns

Jane Porter is known for writing many different genres of novels. Today we are featuring her recent novel It’s You which is Women's Fiction. This novel asks   how to move forward after a traumatic event? Can new people in your life make a difference? Alison (Ali) McAdams is introduced to a different kind of community.   Could they become family?  


Ali is still working in the dental practice that she shared with her fiancĂ©. Life has changed since he committed suicide. How can she move forward? Or begin to have a relationship with her father? When at work Ali receives news that her father had an accident. She leaves on vacation to spend time with him, but can’t understand why he won’t leave his nursing home. While visiting she meets Edie her dad’s bridge partner. Edie takes an interest in Ali when she goes out with Craig her nephew. Will She find answers in the past that might lead to a brighter future?

My Thoughts: 

I enjoyed this novel. I love when Jane Porter takes her he readers to the Napa Wine Valley. It is always worth the trip! I loved how this novel was about self-discovery. I was satisfied with the ending, but hoping for more.  Included in this novel are characters from Jane's previous novels. The novel started out a little slow but increased in pacing throughout. Readers will be turning pages as they share in Ali's journey. 

I have great respect for Jane Porter and her work. Her current novel is Bought to Carry His Heir.