Friday, March 6, 2015

Is Blogging a Balancing Act? By Josephine Mattia

Thank you to Meredith Schorr for sending me a copy of Blogger Girl.  I was given this copy in exchange for an honest review.  It appealed to me because I blog as well and love Chick Lit. This is my first Meredith Schorr novel. I hope you are a fan of her writing like I am.


Book Blogger Kimberly Long is a Chick Lit fanatic, who has two problems.   One she has a crush on an associate at work.  The second problem is her high school nemesis that has become the talk of the town in blogger world with her new novel.  By day she works at a law firm, and by night she is a Book Blogger. Her passion for writing comes from reading books which she loves.  Her blog is Pastel Is The New Black.  Recently her site has earned praise from people, and is responsible for reviving the Chick Lit genre.  She seems to balance both positions quite well.  Kimberly works at the office where she has a crush on an associate.    Can the relationship grow and become all that she would like for it to?   Will she promote her nemesis’s work?  Will she make peace with her past? 

My Thoughts:

As a Book Lover, I thought this novel was okay.  The plot was not very interesting to me.   Her writing is flawless, and captures the essence of the story. I loved how the author gave a great portrayal of what being a blogger is all about.  As someone who writes for this blog I can appreciate the hard work.  Being a blogger can include some fun along the way.  It is not an easy job! 

To shape up my experience as a Blogger, has been a positive one with lessons learned among the way. When I first started, it became an outlet for sharing my passion for music.   I did not have the desire to have many followers or to become well known. If I chose fame what would be the point? The challenging part is being able to have a level of self-discipline at all times in my posts. Whether it’s a review or a topic similar to your interest, the experience can be rewarding. Nevertheless being a blogger has been enjoyable, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

 I look forward to reading her next novel.  There will be a sequel to this story!

Rating: 4/5

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

What Do We Know about the Hero’s Wife?

March is Women in history month.  Today I am sharing all about Anne Morrow Lindbergh.  Melanie Benjamin’s novel The Aviator’s Wife is a fictional account of her life.  When I was little I loved reading about women and their biographical stories.  What can we learn about Anne Lindbergh?


Anne’s story is told in two different story lines.  One is in 1974 where the family including Anne is on the way to take Charles Lindbergh to his final resting place.  She has a few questions that need answering by Charles before he dies.  Will the answers be satisfactory for her?  The other story line starts in the mid-1920s when an Ambassador’s daughter meets the colonel (Charles Lindbergh) that is famous all over the land.  She is the middle daughter and therefore not the one that is expected to marry first.  That honor was supposed to go to her sister Elizabeth, but she was not chosen by the famous Lindbergh.  What will life be life with him?

My Thoughts: 

I had wanted to read this novel for a while.  I initially did not realize that the subject matter would be Anne Morrow Lindbergh.  Ms. Benjamin gives the reader a front row seat for what her life might have been like.  You get to understand what it would have been like to be married to Charles Lindbergh.  Then also what happened during the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, and how it affected the family. 

I liked this novel.  I would definitely read another of Ms. Benjamin’s novel.  What I found most interesting was the notes that are included at the end of the novel.  It gave me a different perspective on her writing style and what she the author was trying to convey through this novel.  She explored the question:  Did Anne know about Charles affairs?  What was it like for her to be married to a hero? 



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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Are Questions from the Past Meant To Be Answered?

I received this ARC as part of a program at DeKalb Library back in the fall of 2013.  A Question of Honor by Charles Todd is well known and popular with many of the friends.   Charles Todd is a new author who is not familiar for me.


Bess is currently serving as a nurse in the British Armed forces in the year of 1918.  Everyone hopes that the Great War will be over with soon.  One day while attending to her duties Bess runs across a soldier from her past.  He mentions that a Lieutenant Wade that everyone thought was dead is really alive. He was in her father’s regiment.  This soldier is fighting under an assumed name Corporal Caswell.  He is also linked to murders that occurred in both England and India.   Can Bess clear her father’s name? What really happened, and did Lieutenant Wade really commit these murders?  An investigation ensues with Bess and Simon putting the clues together. 

My Thoughts: 

Charles Todd is actually a mother son writing team.  They have written many Bess Crawford mysteries.  Many of my literary friends absolutely love them and can’t wait for the next novel in the series.  Since this series is new to me, I found it to be okay.  There was information that I felt was missing because I hadn’t read the other novels in the series.  So it is not really a stand-alone novel to me.  I did enjoy the novel.  It just wasn’t exciting to me.

A Great War novel with a mystery!  The novel is well written and paces the story well.  No characters really stood out for me due to reasons I just mentioned.  I would consider reading another in the series.



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Monday, March 2, 2015

When It Feels Like a Book Is Speaking Directly to You… by Tina Guyden

Thank you to Carol Vorvain sending me a copy of When Dreams Are Calling in exchange for an honest review. The prologue of Carol Vorvain’s “When Dreams Are Calling” say it all: “Words have power, Dreams have power, and We have power.” I can’t wait to share her novel with everyone!


Dora, Romanian-born heroine, has been on a life path chosen for her by well-meaning parents. They have encouraged her to become a lawyer, a perfectly respectable profession. Her energies seemed to be consumed with making her parents proud and finding happiness. The question is how do you marry the two objectives? Due to her choices she moves to Canada where she meets her best friend Robert.   He helps her when the job she flew across the world to take was no longer available.   Will she truly be happy? She travels extensively, visiting Cuba, Peru, Australia and Bali. Her journey eventually leads her to Paris, where she meets the love of her life Tomas, and an Argentinean chef in Paris for a cooking contest.  What truly defines happiness a romantic love or the perfect job or the perfect home?

My Thoughts: 

 I am definitely going to revisit this book when I need a reminder of that absolute power we all have to answer when dreams are calling.   I very much enjoyed this novel and encourage everyone to check out this novel by Carol.



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