Thursday, December 12, 2013

Come visit Crescent Cove for the Holidays!

Shelley Noble has written a wonderful short story for the holidays.  This story follows
the characters from Beach Colors.  We get to share Thanksgiving and Christmas with them.


Grace has just pulled off a win to preserve the Crescent Cove boardwalk area for historical preservation.  She and her friends go off to celebrate when a newspaper is left on the table revealing that days headline.  A case from Grace’s past that affected both her legal career and her family appears in the paper.  Now all of the sudden her father drops by with information about this case, but does Grace really want it?  Or will this ruin her thanksgiving?

The second story is about celebrating Christmas at Crescent Cove.  Bri can’t wait to share her first Christmas with her newly adopted daughters.  These daughters Lily and Mimi both came from China.  Bri has had to learn about the Chinese culture to help her daughters adapt to their new surroundings.  There is one aspect she wasn’t counting on a stranger that decides to share her barn for one night.  The stranger David Henderson is there for one reason only to deliver a letter to Nick Preston brother of Luke.  David believes he needs to deliver this letter personally.  Will he find more than what he bargained for in Crescent Cove?

My Thoughts:

I actually enjoyed this one!  I don’t often say this about Holiday novellas.   I have not found them interesting in the past. This book left me wondering if we might see more of Bri’s and Grace’s story in the future?

This novel is like the holidays at the beach.   The plot for each story was great.  The second story was better for me than the first one.  The first one left me with wanting to know more about the outcome of the story.   Overall a great holiday read this Christmas!



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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

James Mercy Triumphs! Worth Your Time.

Last August we started a bible study on James one of the books of the bible.  Beth
Moore is the author of this study.   For this study her daughter Melissa helped write the study.  For those of you who know Beth Moore, you know what to expect in one of her studies.  For those of you who don’t you are in for a treat.

The structure of this study is eight weeks of homework where you learn all kinds of facts about James.  These homework sessions are followed by video sessions with Beth emphasizing on a set of scriptures from that week’s homework or visiting scripture that was not in the homework.  When you read the introduction of the study Beth gives you five levels for participating in the study.  You can choose what is most comfortable to you.

The levels are:
1     Video sessions
2     Video sessions plus weekly homework.
3    Video sessions, weekly homework, and writing the book of James in the back pages of the book.
4    Video sessions, weekly homework, writing James, reading Going Deeper.
Video sessions, weekly homework, writing James, reading Going Deeper, and memorizing the book of James.

    The Next Level sections are written by Beth’s daughter and highlights a certain portion of the scripture studied that week.  Melissa pulls out facts that came up in their research.

My Thoughts:
     Another great study by Beth Moore!  Very engaging!  I challenge everyone to take on the weekly homework.  The reading has become more as I have worked through her more recent studies.  Still worth the effort of studying reading another great Beth Moore Study!
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