Thursday, July 14, 2016

Is Envy a Women’s Best Friend?

Welcome back to the early 1900s New York City.  Envy by Anna Godbersen explores the relationships of the elite in this series about the Luxe.  If you are familiar with Gossip Girl or Beverly Hills 90210 then this maybe the series for you.

Penelope Schoonmaker just married the man she has most desired with a lie.  The former fiancée Diana Holland is now trying to decide what her future will be.  Her former Fiancé Henry wants nothing to do with his new wife.  What will Laura do to hold onto to him?  Will any of her plans work?  In the meantime Diana’s sister is recovering from the death of her husband.  What will the future bring for her?  When a trip to Florida opens up will this trip keep Henry loyal or will he find a way to tell Diana the truth?

My Thoughts:

Anna Godbersen has great art work of her covers of her novels.  There was a copy available at the library of one of her other books in the series.  The novel in series that I began reading felt like the words flowed came off the page.  So I eagerly picked up Envy but listened to the book on audio.  I did not enjoy it as much.  It could also be because this is the third novel in the series.  Readers can read this series out of order.  I just found that the story did not appeal as much as I would have liked.



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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Would You Like a Side of Wisdom With Your Meal?

Thank you to St. Martins Press for a copy of The Glass Kitchen.  This copy was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

I have always loved cooking.  I consider myself pretty good cook.  I just don’t feel that I can hold a candle to Portia.  I do not carry the wisdom of the knowing. Pull up a chair and get ready for a tasty read and you might find more than just a great read!


Portia has just divorced her husband a senator from Texas.  She is planning to start over in New York near her sisters.  Their aunt had property there and Portia feels that this is the perfect place to start over.  So what will she do?  In Texas her family  came to fame for their restaurant the Glass Kitchen.  Portia also has the gift of being able to serve the right food to the right person.  The food also has symbolism. Now her neighbor Gabriel has bought the upper floors of her aunt’s townhouse.  But does he own it all?   Will he appreciate Portia’s wisdom?

My Thoughts:

Loved this novel!  Ms. Lee created interesting characters that keeps the reader interested to the end.  She added a unique touch to Portia with “the Knowing.”    The author creates a character with a unique character trait.  This makes for a more interesting read.  What is the knowing? It is a sixth sense that Portia has about food.  Gabriel was not someone I liked in the beginning as a character, but grew to appreciate him as time went on.   This story is narrated from three different viewpoints Portia, Gabriel, and his daughter Areil.  She adds an interesting prospective on the story.   The only issue was the slow the start to the novel.



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