Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What is the View from Your Window Like?

Thank you to Mary Carter for sending me London From My Windows.  This is her latest novel.  It is truly a treat and a must read! It was not given to me for a review, but I am happy to share.


Ava has Agoraphobia which means that she can only be inside.  To go outside would mean taking Xanax and being blindfolded.  This condition resulted from the trauma of her father’s death.  What will happen when she has to deal with her Aunt Beverly’s death?  Why hasn’t she seen her Aunt Beverly since her father’s death?  So when she inherits her aunt’s apartment with some conditions and from the cute Barrister Jasper.  What could possibly be better?  Oh did I mention the drag queen who has to share the apartment with Ava!

My Thoughts: 

This is my second Mary Carter novel.  I have to say that I enjoyed London Through My Windows better than 3 Months in Florence.  I liked the flow and style of the novel which made it easy to read.  The character of Ava is someone you would want to fight for throughout.  I stopped reading at times because I didn’t want to see Ava take a certain path or get hurt.   The crux of Ava’s situation comes from her Agoraphobia.  This condition was well researched and inserted well in the story.  I was disappointed with the ending! 

This novel is an easy read!  One to definitely enjoy at the beach!


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