Thursday, July 20, 2017

Does It Compare to Lord and Lady Grantham?

Is a comparison between Daisy Goodwin’s debut The American Heiress and Downton Abbey? For those of us who have seen all the seasons of Downton Abbey and are waiting for the movie. Can Daisy’s book tide us over while we wait? 


Mrs. Cash has great plans for her daughter Cora, and they do not involve the neighbor from the mansion down the street. Cora knows about these plans that her mother has for her and wants nothing to do with them. She tries to run away with her friend the neighbor but an accident occurs when they are discovered. Cora’s mother’s face is injured. So they go onto London England to meet a wealthy prospect with a title. Mrs. Cash thinks life will be perfect if Cora can land one. One day while riding Cora has an accident and meets the titled man of her dreams. Will their story be one of happily ever after or not? Does money really make people happy?

My Thoughts:

This story is nothing like Downton Abbey. I was very disappointed with it. I have loved Daisy’s more recent book Victoria. I do not understand the choices that Cora made. Ivo was a completely unsympathetic character. I wanted to say to him at the end of the book you deserve to lose everything. The book had a great start with interesting characters such as Cora, Mrs. Cash, and her maid. The pacing of the book lagged after she married. Then ending was underwhelming to me.

I love Daisy Goodwin’s writing and look forward to reading her next book.



Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It is Time for the Grand Finale!

Have I got a beach read for you today! The Alaskan Quest series by Tracie Peterson is full of suspense, romance, and action. Today I am featuring Whispers ofWinter. Book three of the series. You can find the review for Summer of the Midnight Sun which is book one of the series here.


Leah Kincaid and Helaina are waiting to hear back from Jayce Kincaid and Jacob Barringer.   Jayce is Leah’s husband and Jacob her brother.  Helaina wants a relationship with Jacob but does he?  At the end of book two Jayce and Jacob finally got a chance to go to the Arctic. One problem this trip has become rife with problems and it left them stranded on an island out in the Arctic Ocean. Leah prays for their safe return to their family. Karen and Adrik (Leah and Jacob’s adoptive parents) come to visit.   While they are visiting, Leah finally gets new about the safe return of Jayce and Jacob. Adrik suggests that they return to Last Chance Creek  to work for the railroad. This move comes with a tragedy. How will this affect Karen and Adrik’s family? How will Leah and Jacob’s families be impacted?

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed Whispers of Winter. Tracie Peterson has a way of keeping readers interested in her characters by challenging them throughout the book.  Leah and Helaina waiting for word of whether Jayce and Jacob survived a number of incidents.  My only disappointment was the tragedy that happened early in the story.  The loose ends were tied up, but I felt that the story should have ended sooner. The story did have lots of action and suspense.

I have always enjoyed Tracie’s books and will highly recommend them. This series was full of themes of family, love, patience, and hope.



Please check out Tracie's latest release Beloved Hope.