Tuesday, August 28, 2018

So Which is Better Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard?

Another summer delight from one of my favorite authors Elin Hilderbrand in her novel  The Identicals.  In this story a set of twins is separated by two different settings one is in Nantucket while the other is in Martha’s Vineyard.  I personally have not been to either but would love the chance to go to both.  Are the twins really the same or different?

Elin Hilderbrand


Nantucket is only eleven miles away from Martha's Vineyard. But they may as well be worlds apart for estranged twin sisters Harper and Tabitha Frost. After not speaking for more than a decade, Harper and Tabitha switch islands-and lives-to save what's left of their splintered family. But the twins quickly discover that the secrets, lies, and gossip they thought they'd outrun can travel between islands just as easily as they can. Will Harper and Tabitha be able to bury the hatchet and end their sibling rivalry once and for all? Before the last beach picnic of the season, there will be enough old resentments, new loves, and cases of mistaken identity to make this the most talked-about summer that Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket have experienced in ages. (Amazon)

My Thoughts:

I loved this novel.  It was like going back and reading a version of the parent trap.  The major difference is that both twins are grown and living their own lives.  Readers will find this novel very satisfying.  I loved how she used the settings of Martha Vineyard and Nantucket to compare and contrast the twin’s different lives.  It was fun learning a little about Martha’s Vineyard too.  This novel is definitely something you want in your beach bag.  



To purchase a copy of  Elin's current novel The Perfect Couple here.