Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Life, Love and Romance: A Dog's Perspective

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Prozac, a Yorkshire terrier therapy dog, who narrates a portion of THE THING IS by Kathleen Gerard, shares some of his "doggie" insights about living with a romantically challenged romance writer.

What the heck does a five-pound dog with a brain the size of a peach pit really know about life, love and romance? Well, don't kid yourself. With my doleful eyes and moist little nose... and the glee-filled wag of my stubby, docked tail...why, I'm cuteness and love personified. Most everyone I meet (outside of the postman) falls madly under my spell!

Of course, Meredith Mancuso--the romantically challenged, canine-averse romance writer I'm forced to live with in, THE THING IS--doesn't perceive me in this way. I don't think I've ever met anyone more determined to stick to a 'life-without-romance' plan—on the page or off—than poor, lonely Meredith. But dogs, we're smart, adaptable creatures. And my being a Spirit Guide Dog—my job is to help people move on to new levels of living—I'm even more adaptable than your average, spoiled four-legged fur-baby.

Meredith is stuck in grief because her fiancé died and ever since, she's been unable to shake the grip of her sorrow. But once I come unwittingly into her life, I quickly size her up and determine that it's my job to help return her to the land of the living.

How do I do this, you ask?  Well, you'd have to read the book. But I'll tell you this… Being something of a "Human Whisperer," I soon devise a clever plan (through a comedy of errors) to launch Meredith into Phase Two of her life by enlisting the help of some wise, fun-loving older folks in "Act Three of their lives" at an independent living facility where I visit each week as a beloved therapy dog.

Okay, so your next thought is...Since when are independent living facilities hotbeds of romantic possibility for 30-something, single romance writers? Well, hold your horses, and your dogs and cats, too! Any Spirit Guide Dog worth his Milkbones knows that with someone the likes of Meredith Mancuso, baby-steps to love—the lightness and sweetness of romance—often work best in trying to navigate the stormy seas of romantic vulnerability. In the end, adult children and relatives often visit older people and check in on them. If someone's in the right place at the right time—especially with a clever Spirit Guide Dog on her side—it's very possible love can bloom!

In the end, dogs can teach humans a few things about life, love and romance because:

a) We have a great attitude. (We fall down and get up. We shake ourselves off and forgive and forget.)
b) We explore every opportunity. (We follow our nose, wherever it leads.)
c) We relentlessly believe in "being ourselves" (Accidents on the carpet, doo-doo and all!)
d) We greet everyone with enthusiasm. (The tell is in the wagging tail!)
e) Loyalty! Loyalty! Loyalty! (Enough said?)
f)  We go to great lengths to protect those we love. (And sometimes even those we don't!) 
g) We love unconditionally.
If you'd like to learn more about Prozac and Meredith—read THE THING IS by Kathleen Gerard! It'll be time well spent…as readers everywhere will benefit from having a little Prozac their lives...Woof-Woof!
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