Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Are There Any Regrets?

I will be sharing Mary Alice Monroe’s latest in a few weeks.  Today we are discussing Beach House Memories which is the sequel to the Beach House.  This is the perfect novel to prepare for the summer.


Every summer Olivia Rutledge (Lovey) prepares to take her to children Palmer and Cara to their beach house in the Isle of Palms.  This beach house has been in her family for generations. Lovey inherited it from her mother.  The summer of 1974 is different because of a turtle study that takes place on the Isle of Palm.  The leader of the study is Dr. Russell Bennett.  Does he know who Lovey is on the island?  Once he is brought up to speed he and Lovey partner to take on the turtle study together.  Will they partner in anything else?  Once the choice is made how will this impact Lovey’s family?

My Thoughts: 

As I mentioned above this novel is a great way to prepare for those beach reads that are coming soon!  When reading a Mary Alice Monroe novel there is always a sea creature involved.  The creature in this novel is the Loggerhead turtles.  It includes the rich history of the south.   

This novel is plotted well.  It had some twists that I did not expect.   There were times I wanted to sit down next to Lovey and give her advice.  It was worth finishing and see where it might lead!



Please visit Mary Alice Monroe on her Facebook page, Twitter, and her Website.  Also make sure you check out the Summer Girls series.  I will be sharing End of Summer soon!

Monday, May 4, 2015

The World Can Always Use Another Blog…by Tina Guyden

Blogging For Dough by Martin Sand is ideal for anyone considering starting a blog or possibly attracting fresh attention to their current one.   Thank you to Mr. Sand and Library Thing for a copy of this book.   It has easy to understand text, i.e., not super tech heavy and marketing lingo that does not alienate. This allowed for a quick initial read.

Mr. Sand recommends at least an initial read-through of his book before using any of his recommendations. However, if the reader comes across something she feels can be used immediately, go for it! He is also quite generous with the various resources, many of them free, available to anyone entering the blogosphere for the first time. These range from WordPress plugins to search engine marketing help to open source image editing. Mr. Sand may be the most valuable resource of all. The Readers OnlyClub is available to anyone who downloads a copy of Blogging for Dough.

The three Steps to Blogging Success are Writing the Content, Traffic Generation, and Making Money. Each step gives the reader the best chance to create a blog that is both attractive to its target audience and allow for unlimited growth.

My Thoughts:

I have been told on more than one occasion that I should blog about the goings on in my world. Blogging For Dough made it seem much more doable than I imagined. I’m not ready to jump into the blogosphere, but I will surely have my copy of this book to help on my journey.