Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In May of 2010 I began this blog.   Then in May 2011 International Chick Lit Month began.  Both events are very exciting!  I am glad that I get a chance to celebrate them both with you.

I will have posts for giveaways and interviews.   This year we will hear from Kathleen Kole, Beatriz Williams, and others.   There will also be a live event on the 26th of May to celebrate at Stonecrest Library in Lithonia Georgia.   This event is a readathon.   Some of the posts that will be presented are books or prizes that will appear in the readathon.  So stay tuned and make a list for the readathon on the 26th. 

Make sure you check out the facebook page for International Chick Lit Month.   There will be something for everyone as we celebrate women finding their happy endings.

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