Sunday, April 29, 2012

True Colors by Kristin Hannah

The Grey Sisters have survived tragedy together, from the loss of their mother to handling of a bitter father. Each sister survived and moved on after the death of their mother in their own way. Aurora married a nice man named Richard and had a family. Winona is the ambitious one of the sisters and persued a law degree, and is now the town lawyer. Vivi Ann carried their mother’s love for horses and continued working on the ranch. One day the ranch hand runs off and leaves the farm in need of some help. A handsome stranger comes to town that captures Vivi Ann’s heart but is considered suspicious to everyone else in the town, including the family. A crime is committed and family loyalty is tested. Who will the family believe? Whose side will they take?

My Thoughts:

I love Kristin Hannah’s books. I found this one to be darker and more psychological than others. I really liked how she had the characters play off of one another. I appreciated the relationship of these characters more after finishing the book. The sisters Winona and Vivi Ann although related have had different successes in life. Vivi Ann came across as spoiled and used to getting things going her way. She never really had any loss except for her mother dying. Winona on the other hand while successful in career has not had the personal successes that Vivi Ann has had. Hannah’s use of psychology within these two characters lives helps you to appreciate the story more. Still a good read. 



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