Sunday, April 29, 2012

Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner

Thank you to the Engelman and Company for the pleasure of reading the newest Jennifer Weiner novel.

 In her latest book Jennifer Weiner explores the theme of Surrogacy. The story is told from four different perspectives. Julia who is a recent graduate of Princeton University sells her egg for $20000 to a fertility clinic and never knew what would happen to her egg. Annie is a mother of two boys Frank Jr. and Spencer. She takes on surrogacy to help out with some of the bills which cause trouble for her marriage. Bettina is the daughter of Marcus Croft and is very wealthy. Bettina is not a fan of her father’s new wife and seeks to destroy the relationship. India Croft is Marcus’s new wife and also desires to have a baby. She and Marcus had been trying but were unsuccessful in conceiving. India turns to surrogacy to help her get the baby she has always wanted. She selects Annie as the surrogate to carry her child. A single event brings them all together. What will happen when all the players get together for the first time? 

My Thoughts:

I liked the book and found myself wanting to find out what would happen next. I thought the story was interesting how it was told from four different perspectives. I wondered throughout the book how these four people are connected and is revealed towards the end of the book. I found the discussion of that theme interesting but not as interesting as some of her other books. I will always be a fan of Jennifer Weiner.



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