Saturday, May 5, 2012

Falling For Me: How I Hung Curtains, Learned to Cook, Travelled to Seville, and Fell in Love By Anna David

The Anna David blog tour is stopping by Writer’s Corner today. I am excited to present her newest book.
Anna decided to take on the project of Helen Gurley Brown’s book Sex and the Single Girl. She was craving change and decided to try to following Helen’s advice and see what happenes next.  Step one she got a profile on and started meeting men.  Step two she learned how to cook.  Step three weeding out her wardrobe and adding more of the latest fashion.   Step four paying more attention to facial expressions and appearance.   Step five travels she exchanged her apartment with a women in Seville.  Anna shares through her frustrations and triumphs about the project.   What does Anna learn?
My Thoughts:

I am excited to receive this book and thank Anna David for the opportunity to review her work.  I enjoyed the book being that I am also a single thirty something.  I thought the project sounded interesting and I wanted to find out what she learned from the experience.  I could identify with many of her struggles as a single person.  I often find that when we challenge ourselves to learn something new and leave our comfort zone our character tends to grow.   I thought this book displayed those attributes in spades.    A great read for those seeking empowerment of self.  I laughed, I cried, I found the conclusion exhilarating.  I know you will too!


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