Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Come Explore the Garden: Crystal Gardens by Amanda Quick

Thank you to Lydia Hirt and Amanda Quick for the privilege to review this great book.   This book will start off the International Chick Lit Month for 2012.


Evangeline Ames came to Little Dixby for rest and relaxation so she could focus on her writing career.   She is taking a break from her regular job as a paid companion working for the Lantern Street Agency. Little did she know that her life would be in danger from a previous case.  Lucas Sebastian  has also come to Little Dixby on a different matter to investigate the death of his uncle Chester.  They  become involved in an investigation in a case of murder and attempted murder.   Will Lucas  accept the help of Ms. Ames and her associates?  There is also this garden that has supernatural energy that hides many secrets.  Can Lucas untangle the secrets of the garden?

My Thoughts:

I am not  usually a fan of the paranormal genre.   I felt this book was well written.  The novel was easy to read.  The plot was great!  I felt it had a lot of good twists and turns.   This story did not have the typical period restrictions that are often focused on women.   The only problem with this novel is the slow part in the beginning of the story.

The setting of this novel is Victorian England era.  I thought this setting was an interesting choice.   In this time period, if you did not get a husband then you were considered a spinster.  Then there was also less no opportunities for employment other than as a governess or paid companion.  The fact that the paid companion was often in the background lends itself to the plot of a woman being an able investigator.  I feel that it is quite possible for a woman to also be an investigator. 

 I wonder where this series will go next?  The Crystal Gardens is the first novel in this series.  Please stop by and visit with Amanda Quick at her website.
If you would like to win a copy of this book, please come to Stonecrest Library in Lithonia Georgia.  The readathon will include a copy of this book to win.

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