Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Last Page by Lacy Camey

Norah Jones confronts her longtime boyfriend Truett Mason a baseball player for the New York Yankees, at the party the night before his wedding to another woman.   He does not have a favorable reaction to seeing Norah again.  She is tossed from the party and devastated by his rejection, and unable to pull herself out of this sadness that results.  Her family decides she should leave with her sister and best friend Chloe for their summer house in the Hamptons.   Norah sees a therapist who encourages her in the healing process also while in the Hamptons. Will Norah be able to get her life back together?  What other surprises are instore for her this summer?
My Thoughts:
This story sounded very interesting to me before I started reading it.  The theme of a woman getting over a breakup seems to be very popular currently in the literary world.  I liked the story.  I loved the way Norah’s family came together to support her.   I also felt the one aspect of the story that interested me was the unpredictability of her life.  I hope we see more of Norah, Chloe, and Maycee in future books.   I found this story to be inspiring and provide hope.   The author writes characters that will capture your interest from the beginning to the end.


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