Sunday, April 29, 2012

Friday Night Knitting Club 2 by Kate Jacobs

This is a book worth checking out! 

Six years has passed since the club mourned the loss of Georgia Walker.  While some things have changed such as Peri is running the store Walker and Daughter for Dakota to take over one day.  Dakota is now a freshman in college still figuring out her relationship with her father James and planning her career.  He gets a lot of input and help from the other members of the club on Dakota’s behalf.  Lucy one of the members of the club gets the opportunity to go to Italy for work. Will the club go with her?  Will James trust Dakota’s decisions? 
My Thoughts:
 I liked the first book but absolutely loved this book in the series.  I loved being able to check in and see the characters grow.    We were introduced to these characters in the first book.   The themes in this book are different.  Dakota is dealing with her future and wanting her own path.  Anita is on the verge of a second marriage.  Lucy career has taken off will she be able to handle her family responsibilities?  Darwin has become a mother with ever the feminist approach.  Katherine is still finding herself.   I can’t wait to read the next book.


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