Sunday, April 29, 2012

Book Review and Giveaway Fergyville Episode 1: The New Plan by Katina Ferguson

Katina Ferguson contacted me and asked for a review of her novel Fergyville Episode 1. I was happy to accept. I had never heard of a book like this where the author writes it in parts. The book is well written. This is a first taste of a story that is just beginning. It will leave you looking forward for more. 


Meet Frank the IT guy at a local company in the Atlanta area. He fields endless web questions from his coworkers all day. He dreams of one day of having his own company. While Catherine his wife is at home taking care of their three children Victor, Monique, and Lana. They happen to live in the town of Fergyville. What will Frank find at home? What is Catherine doing with the children?



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