Sunday, April 29, 2012

One For The Money by Janet Evanovich

I heard a lot about Janet Evanovich but had never read one of her books. A while ago I took my trusty relic of a Border’s gift card and picked up One For The Money.

Stephanie Plum dejected from her job search heads to her mom’s house for dinner. She sits down with her family for dinner, and her mom suggested she talk to her cousin Vinnie the Bounty Hunter about a job. Stephanie inquires the next day about the job only problem is she finds that it has already been filled. Vinnie’s new secretary gives Stephanie the opportunity of a lifetime. The assignment is to capture and bring in Joe Morelli an escapee. Stephanie starts working the job and actually finds Joe Morelli with no problem but can’t seem to bring him in. The adventures of trying to get to Joe Morelli bring Stephanie closer to a case she had no desire to be involved with. What will happen between Stephanie and Morelli? Will Stephanie get her bounty? 

My Thoughts:

I liked the book and found myself fighting for Stephanie. I also found myself laughing my way through the book. This book was my first step back into the genre of mysteries. I can so see Katherine Heigl playing the part of Stephanie Plum in the movie. The rest of the series is definitely worth checking out.



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