Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Butterfly's Daughter by Mary Alice Monroe

Thank you to Mary Alice Monroe for sending this book.

 Abuela is desperate to make a road trip to Mexico to see her family for the last time because she fears she may not have another chance. Luz the more conservative one who pays the bills wants Abuela to wait. Abuela is persistent that they must go immediately. Suddenly Abuela dies and Luz takes on her last request of a road trip to Mexico to see family and the monarch butterflies. Luz starts out on her journey unsure of what will happen but ready for the journey. Her first stop is not far from Milwaukee because the car breaks down. By chance she meets up with Ofelia. She is pregnant with her first child, and seeks to travel with Luz, after the last beating by her boyfriend. They escape and make their way to Kansas City Kansas to stay with Ofelia’s aunt who works at Hidden Ponds Nursery. While Ofelia is in the hospital giving birth Luz stays with Margaret who also works at Hidden Ponds. Ofelia can’t continue on her journey after having the baby, but Margaret joins Luz for the trip. Will Luz be able to find her family? What will she learn from her journey?

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