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Lacy Camey visits Writer's Corner

Lacy Camey is visiting today on Writer’s Corner for her book The Last Page. Welcome and thanks for stopping by to chat. Lacy Camey writes both upbeat romantic comedies and supernatural thrillers.  She also collaborates with her husband Joel in writing as well. They have a book coming out in the next year The Grape Picker.  She also donates proceeds from her books to orphanages to help take care of the orphans.

 Where did your passion for writing come from?

Oh boy, hmm…well obviously, first off, I believe it’s God-given because it’s so strong and He’s the one that gives us our desires in the first place (but it’s up to us to be passionate about them). My passion for writing literally drives me every day. So I really feel like He’s given me that gift and passion.

I love to create. It makes me so happy. I love to see the beauty in life. I love people and love their stories. I’m always living in the “what if”. “What if this happened and then this girl meets this guy and they go ….”

I’m a huge movie buff and I think story telling is one of the greatest, coolest things there is to do!

 Do you have a favorite genre to write?

Currently, chick lit/ romantic comedies. Light hearted stories. I would eventually like to get into the same type of books but for YA. I’d love to write a YA series that are equivalent to the “Sweet Valley High” of my generation. Those were so fun!

 What inspired you write the Last Page?

The Last Page originated out of Scriptwriting class I took my senior year of college. I always carried the story with me close to heart and would always work on it in my early 20’s when I could. I think one of the things I loved about the book was that it takes place at the beach (one of my favorite most inspirational places on earth), the protagonist journals (which I’ve always loved doing), and she sees a therapist (I minored in counseling in college and love analyzing people and why someone is the way they are.)

 The Last Page is the first book in the series; will the following books in the series follow Norah or other characters from the first novel?

Yes! It’s indeed a series. But someone can pick up any of the books and be fine because each story is not necessarily contingent on each other. “The Last Man She Thought She’d Ever Love” is book two in the series, which should be out in November. It will feature Chloe’s journey in Venezuela. Norah and Maycee will both be featured in the story (but won’t steal the show). Book three is called, “This is The Last Time I Date My Editor” and this book will focus on Maycee and her new exciting journey of being back on the hot NYT best-seller list. With an inspired book from her time in Venezuela, she writes her best work ever. Things get pretty interesting when she has a hottie as an editor…

I would absolutely love to write a Christmas short story with all three characters, but we shall see! 

 What advice would you give to writers?

Number one advice hands down would be self-belief. You have to belief if yourself 100%. Because no one can give you confidence. No one else can give you assurance greater than yourself. You have to find that within because the entertainment world can be very rough. People always have something to say and have an opinion for you to hear. You have to have a tough skin and know at the end of the day, you love what you do, and that’s what matters. I think that’s where people can lose their passion and drive- when they take their eyes off of what’s really inside of them and get lost in other’s perspectives and opinions and ideas of who they should be. Let your self-belief, your purpose, your confidence, anchor you always. Always come back to that place! At the end of the day you have to know your purpose and find joy in that.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I love lots of things! I love spending time with my hottie hubs J We love watching movies and are always seeing the latest movie or renting movies. We’re huge movie buffs. We also run a couple of times a week and may, “just may” run a half marathon this coming February. I also enjoy working out. I also love cooking. It’s so much fun to me. I like trying new recipes and everything just fades into the background when I’m cooking, chopping, stirring and listening to good music. I would LOVE to be a gourmet chef and study for a week in Italy! That would be so fun.

I also really like creating things. Recently, while my husband was away for work one night on a tour, I decided after spending hours clicking though various Etsy pages that I’d hand sew a handkerchief-a couture handkerchief I’d call it, for my husband. Stuff like that’s fun for me. I may not be the best at it, but I love doing stuff like that.

I love being outside and I try and do something outside every day. We live in a townhome, but if we lived in a house and had a yard, I’m pretty sure I’d have a garden. I also love hanging out with my girlfriends and having great conversations. My husband and I also love going out to dinner and trying new restaurants. I like to have fun a lot.

Does your faith have a strong influence on your writing?

I feel like my faith has a strong influence because it anchors me, gives me confidence, and gives me a purpose. However, I try not to over saturate my books with anything that would be preachy or turn readers away because I respect personal belief systems and I’m not going to be judgmental. I do feel like my books are moral and have a rating of PG. I just hope people feel inspired, encouraged, and hopeful when they read my stories. It’s my desire that people enjoy their God-given life and I hope somehow my stories help people do just that.

 What independent authors are your favorite so far this year?

I’ve really enjoyed reading short stories by Lisa Scott and I’ve enjoyed reaching Rachel Schurig, “Three Women and a Baby”, I’ve enjoyed Theresa Regan’s “Taming Mad Max” and I also started reading Amanda Hocking’s “Switched”…however, it’s sad. Besides the short stories, I have not finished ONE book this year! I’ve just been so busy this year writing etc., that I haven’t finished one!

 What author has had the greatest impact on your writing?

Well, my tastes vary so much so it’s hard to pin down one author because I love many genres. But when it comes to inspiration, God, who is ultimately the Author of life, has the greatest impact on my writing. Because He created the Universe, and at His very nature is creating, because we’re created in His image, we have creative power in our own lives. That’s the greatest impact in my life. – knowing that I carry creativity inside of me and so do you.

 What books would be in Lacy’s Top 5 for this year?

Hmmm…. (I’m smiling angelically!) I haven’t finished a full book this year! I’ve started literally 15 or so varying from Ebook marketing, to studies on success, spiritual growth, to positive thinking, to fiction,…..but last year I really enjoyed reading Lauren Weisberger “Last Night of Chateau Marmont” and Emily Giffin’s “Heart of the Matter”. I actually finished those last year. So that makes 2 for last year. Sorry I didn’t really answer this question! (Yes, I know. I need to read more!)

Can you share with us some of your future writing projects?

Yes, I sure can because I’m very much a planner! But I won’t share too much because plagiarism is very real J So, I’ll give like three words or so and title.

There are two more books in the “Living Loving Laughing” series. The next romantic comedy book to come out will be out spring next year, 2012, and will be called, “I Danced With the Prince Last Night and No One Believes Me”.

Picture: (jersey girl, prince, time travel)

My hubs and I are releasing a classic love story in February 2012 called “The Grape Picker.”

Think: (dashing, handsome young man, young woman, vineyard, prejudice, obstacle, love)

After those books, next fall my supernatural thriller should be out tentatively titled “The Chosen Alpha”. Picture: (aspiring song writer – secret society- trapped-)

After 2012, I’d really like to focus on some YA, maybe. We’ll see. And another classic story with my hubs. We have a goal of releasing one together per year.

What are some of your goals for your writing?

At the end of my life, I want people to say, “She was really was prolific and focused”. I want to write at least 100 books in my lifetime.

I want to touch people all over the world with my books and have a few of them made into movies.

Truly, I just want to inspire others and make a difference and bring awareness to situations.

Maybe we are not all writers, but we are livers of life and …(not the organ, haha) and I really feel like we are supposed to enjoy life and leave a mark on our generation. I hope to inspire others to do that and I hope to inspire my family and future family that I’ll never meet but they’ll hear about me and read my stories 

I also want to give back with a portion of my book revenues and help those that are in need, mistreated, and the unfortunate.

 What would you like your readers to know about your kindness towards Orphanages? How can readers help?

I read “The “Sunflower” by Simon Wiesenthal a few years ago. At the end of his book, the author said that every book purchased, proceeds went towards an orphanage. When I read that, I knew that is what I wanted to do with my books. I’ve always believed in giving back.

Children can’t help the situation they are born into. But when given the proper tools-health, food, education, HOPE, their life can change forever.

I feel for orphans because they don’t deserve a 2nd class life because of someone else’s actions. Every book a reader buys from me, proceeds go to supporting an orphanage, which I will have updates on my blog about.

When my books sell enough and I have enough revenue (crossing my fingers and praying really hard!) I have plans to build an orphanage and make regular trips visiting it. It’s something I very much want to raise my future children to do along with my me and husband.

One day, when I’m older and greater resources are available, it’s a dream of mine to have a school for children in a 3rdworld country. Since my husband and I are both involved in the arts, I’d want it to be a school specializing in arts with music, drama and acting where kids can be given tools to lift them out of poverty and into a better life.

But for now, my step one is an orphanage.

Orphanages have been a big focus for you. Would you consider other projects to participate in?

Absolutely I would. Women shelters…homeless shelters... animal shelters. I love animals so much. I would have a farm if I could! I would love to bring awareness to organic eating and hormone free meat/ dairy products.

Also, I would love to be involved with Human Trafficking. When I watched the movie “Taken” a few years ago, my eyes were opened to the serious issue. I had no idea that was even going on. I was so unaware. Isn’t that sad? But there you go, another great example of how a great story can open our eyes.

I also believe strongly in mentoring.
Thanks for having me! 

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