Thursday, April 26, 2012

Here is my visit with Mary Kay Andrews

I went last night to the Barnes & Noble and to hear Mary Kay Andrews talk on her new book Summer Rental. This storee is one of the best in Atlanta.


Ellis arranges the perfect getaway for a month at the beach. At least she thought she had organized the perfect getaway at the beach. The house is not what she thought it would be and it has seen better days. Once Ellis has access to the house she tries to spruce it up for her friends who are sharing the house Dorie and Julia. They are excited to have this month of August together in Nags Head. The women are all struggling with various aspects of their lives: Ellis being downsized from her job; Julia trying to make a decision about her career path; Dorie about picking up the pieces of her marriage. A stranger suddenly comes to the house needing refuge but has a secret past. This stranger becomes part of this group of friends. The women are in for one big adventure at the beach.

Mary Kay Andrews quit her day job 20 years ago write fiction full time. Summer Rental is about characters caught in the crossroads of life. She chose the setting to be Nags Head North Carolina and then develop the story next. She wanted the theme to be an old friendship between three women and the adventures they have when they get together.                                                                                                                    


Did you find inspiration for the names of characters in the Obituaries?

MKA: She did no use the obituaries this time around. 

Will she return to mystery writing?

MKA: She will not return right now because the Mary Kay Andrews books out sell the original mystery books under her name.

How did the book come together?

MKA: She established the setting first and then decided who the characters would be.

What are you working on next?