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Blog Tour Interview Kaira Rouda author

Kaira Rouda is stopping by Writer’s Corner today to talk to us about her new novel Here, Home, Hope. Kaira is the bestselling author of the book Real You incorporated: 8 Essentials for Women Entrepreneurs. She is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. She has spent her first part of the career in Columbus Ohio where she also grew up. She moved recently to southern California with her family. Kaira has a worked in the marketing and publishing fields. She had written everything from copy for electronic manuals to radio and television spots. So now Kaira has written first novel. We are celebrating her first debate novel Here, Home, Hope. 

1. If you were to give advice to new writers and how to get started in a writing career?

Write. It sounds trite, but the most important thing to do as a new writer is write. Write for a local publication, take classes, take an online course. Just write. If you’re attempting a novel, many people will tell you tackle a page a day. 

2. What is your writing routine like? Such as do you use a writing partner?

I’ve never had a writing partner, but I do believe in writing workshops, online classes and writers’ conferences. I love to learn. I also read books on writing and read, read, read other authors’ work. My writing routine has never been routine – it’s been squeezed in to my life for so long that it has been odd, for the past six months, to have the time to write. That said, most of my time recently has been spent working on spreading the word about HERE, HOME, HOPE. That’s the reality, I suppose.

3. What authors have influenced you the most in your writing?

Robert McCloskey. F. Scott Fitzgerald. Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Susan Isaacs. Eudora Welty.

4. Why did you choose to start this novel in the dentist office?

When you asked me that question my shoulders jumped up to my ears! I have incredibly sensitive teeth – in fact, my dentist used to ask me all the time: “Do you suck on lemons?” I would look at him and answer, “Do you?” Of course I didn’t, I just have enamel issues. My oldest son inherited the problem from me, too. Poor guy. Long story short: Drama starts for me the moment I enter the dentist’s office so I thought it should for my protagonist, Kelly, too.

5. Will there be more to come from Grandville and its citizens?

Yes! In fact, I have a short story coming out very soon that is set in Grandville, and my next novel features some of the characters you have met in HERE, HOME, HOPE while introducing you to a new protagonist. I am ready to have a career as a novelist – and if readers like the characters they find in Grandville, there are more where they came from.

6. What inspired you to choose the topic of mid life crisis?

I’m fascinated by what isn’t talked about, what’s just underneath the surface of seemingly perfect lives. The entire “midlife crisis” is one of those turning points. Some people sail through; others have a bump. I wanted to address the bump, especially from a woman’s perspective. 

It’s interesting. A friend of mine, and early reader, told me it’s not so much a midlife crisis that women go through, in her opinion. It’s more of a midlife readjustment. What I know to be true is that we, as women, tend to be so other focused that our needs sneak up on us if we aren’t careful. And when that moment hits – when we realize all the things we have or haven’t accomplished – it’s time to address it. Is it a crisis? Maybe not. Is it real? Definitely. The old stereotype of the man buying a sports car, hitting the gym and leaving his wife of 20 years for the secretary is very much a reality. But with women becoming more empowered in society, the opposite can occur, too. 

7. Which character in the book was your favorite to write?

I love all of the characters – I really grew attached to them. I would say my favorites are Melanie, Kelly and Rachel White. Rachel because there is one in every society, every social setting. Melanie because eating disorders and body image issues are so prevalent and still so taboo as a topic. Kelly, because she’s the star, and she has a big heart.

8. Do you have any plans to continue your charity work?

Yes! Thank you for asking. Throughout my life I’ve been heavily involved in charity work, with a special emphasis on empowering women and girls. For my book tour, I’m partnering with charities with that same mission. In addition, I’m committed to raising funds and awareness for, committed to providing help and hope for those affected by eating disorders.

9. What are your favorite hobbies?

Vacations with my kids.Photography.Painting.Walking on the beach with my husband, and Oreo, my loyal and trusty mutt.

Thank you Kaira Rouda for stopping by. I wish you great success with your book. Here are some additional ways to support Kaira Rouda.

HERE, HOME, HOPE – debut novel

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