Friday, April 27, 2012

Silver Girl by Elin Hilderbrand

I received this book from Thank you so much for the opportunity to review the book. This is my second Elin Hilderbrand book to read.                                                                             

Meredith sprints from her pent house apartment to the alley down where the SUV is waiting to make a getaway. Her friend Connie is behind the wheel. She is the only person that Meredith could turn to after her husband’s crimes are made known to the public. Meredith had been hounded by reporters for weeks and hated by the public. She was looking forward to a little R&R at her friend Connie’s house on Nantucket. All Meredith has is a suitcase and card board box with her belongings. She can’t contact her family because she is under investigation for her husband’s crimes. Connie helps come up with a disguise for Meredith to go out into the public. Life at Nantucket seems to be just the ticket for Connie and Meredith as they renew their friendship and go on new adventures. What will they find in Nantucket? What does Meredith know about her husband’s crimes? Will she be cleared of any charges?

This story is told through flashbacks interwoven into current events. I liked the book. I found it a little slow in some spots but I also couldn’t wait to finish it. I loved how the mystery was interwoven within the story. I look forward to my next Elin Hilderbrand book.


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