Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Cinderella Pact by Sarah Strohmeyer

I read this book with my book club. The theme was Fairytales for the month of May. The book was not exactly a fairytale. The themes were weight loses and the perceptions of others. I liked the book and had never read anything by the author Sarah Strohmeyer. 

Nola Devlin is very over weight at the beginning of the story. She is also an Editor for Sass Magazine. Nola has another identity as Belinda Apple British columnist who writes for Sass. She was provoked to develop this identity by her boss Lori. She tends to judge people by their appearance and is not well liked by her office.

Nola goes out to a lunch date with her friends Nancy and Deb at their favorite restaurant. The management has changed and suddenly they cannot have their favorite table. The ladies come up with the Cinderella Pact to get back at management for taking away their favorite table. When Nola leaves the restaurant her car dies and she barely makes it back for an important meeting. A friend sets her up with this guy Chip who is supposed to give her a ride home. Chip works in IT for Sass. Nola’s ride is not who she thinks he is. His name is Chip but he has a different job at Sass.

Nola seems to continually run into to Chip and he seems to like spending time with her. Nola’s perception of herself is not very high and she lives vicariously through Belinda Apple. Chip doesn’t seem to care about what Nola looks like but who she is. Will Nola be able to lose the weight? Will she be able to have a relationship with Chip? Will they find out about her secret identity at work?

The rating:

4/5 Hearts

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