Sunday, May 5, 2013

What Secrets Hide Inside the Perfect Marriage?

Please welcome Kimberla Lawson Roby to Writer’s Corner.  This is my first time reviewing her work.   I know that for some of you this author is unfamiliar.  She has graciously donated a copy of The Perfect Marriage to for the giveaway at Stonecrest Library. 


Denise and Derek have the perfect marriage.  They have the perfect daughter Mackenzie.   The extended family is also just as perfect.  Are they?    Derek’s parents are known drug addicts.  One day Derek comes home with a little cocaine and shares some with his wife.  Now they share a problem and try to hide it and appear as normal as possible.  Then Derek’s twin brother calls and asks for forgiveness from something in their past.  Can Derek forgive him?  What will finally get Derek and Denise’s attention about their new problem?

My Thoughts:

Kimberla Lawson Roby writes with passion and ease.    Her writing reminds me of Jodi Picot’s style of writing.  I have a lot of respect for writer’s who deal with strong topics such as drug abuse.  They make it easy for the reader to follow the story.   I had a hard time with the subject matter which pertained to drug abuse and addiction.

I found this book to be an easy read.  Her writing simply flows.  The plot was different from what I thought  it would develop.   I found the ending to be a surprise.  

What secrets are you hiding?  What is it that you don’t want people to see?


Please visit Kimberla’s Facebook and Website for more on her writing.

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