Monday, May 6, 2013

Get Away to Monarch Beach!

Image of Anita Hughes
Monarch Beach is Anita Hughes debut.   I am so glad that I have the opportunity to share this author with you.  Thank you Anita and Saint Martins for sending me this great read!


Amanda has the life of her dreams.   Her husband Andre works as the chef; and is part owner of a restaurant in Ross California.  Then there is Max their child.  One morning Amanda decides to visit the restaurant for breakfast and finds a little more than she bargained for.  Will she forgive Andre?  Amanda receives an offer she can’t refuse from her mother to spend the summer at Laguna Beach.  They would stay at the St. Regis penthouse.   Will this be a wonderful vacation?  Will Amanda be able to make plans for the future?

My Thoughts:

I always enjoy trying new authors.  So I can tell you that I greatly enjoyed Anita’s novel.  The theme is healing and learning how to move forward after a crisis has occurred.  The characters are real and draw you in as you read.   I thought it was interesting how the author focused on the cultural differences between Andre and Amanda.   

Product DetailsI also always love vacation spots that include room service.   I enjoyed visiting the setting of Laguna Beach.  Who would not love a vacation that included the beach, a penthouse, and all the hotel activities you could ever want.  This novel is a great beach read! 
Join us at Stonecrest Library on the 18th of May to discuss with Anita here books and more.  She will also be giving away copy of this novel that day.



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