Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Do Love and Lightning Have in Common?

Susan McBride has graciously donated a copy of her latest work The Truth about Love and Lightning.  This novel will be part of the giveaway at Stonecrest Library.  I am very excited to share this novel!


Gretchen Brink started with a lie when she told her daughter Abby that Sam Winston is her father.   Years have gone by and there has been no sign of Sam.  Abby has grown and moved away from home.  She is now living in Chicago and running an art gallery.   One day a tornado hits Gretchen’s house and a discovery is made.  There is a man in the Walnut grove by the farm.  He has no idea who he is.  Will he be who everyone hopes he is (Sam Winston)?  Maybe Abby’s long lost father?  Or will the truth come out?

My Thoughts:

I feel connected to Susan in some ways because I am from Missouri originally.  I have great appreciation for her novels.  The settings are familiar and speaks greatly about the culture of the Midwest.   One thing you learn in school is about the Indians that lived in that area.   To my knowledge Indians don’t really have reservations in Missouri anymore. 

The character of Sam Winston shows that heritage and a special gift.  His character steals the show for me.  What happens to him so profoundly affects Gretchen and Abby.  Another well written novel!

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