Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dollars to Donuts by Kathleen Kole Review

I am happy once again to have Kathleen Kole visit Writer’s Corner again with her second book Dollars to Donuts.  
April moves into her boyfriend Kevin’s house and starts a new job in a new town. She also gets to know the neighbors who are Carol and her dog Peaches, Thomas and his cat Corkscrew, Deborah, and others.    April feels that she cannot leave the house without one of them noticing.  These neighbors give new meaning to nosy.  Her sister Jessica is there to steady her through it all.   A handsome stranger also comes to town and brings more action than April or her boyfriend Kevin ever thought would be possible in their neighborhood.  Will April find away to be happy in her new surroundings? Will April and Kevin survive their conflict?
My Thoughts:
The novel had an interesting story line with the neighbors. Kathleen Kole writes realistic characters that you feel that you can identify with.   I thought the basis  for this novel is interesting using a neighborhood that you and I would know from where we live.  There are some real characters in this book such as Carol and her dog Peaches.  I could easily find myself visiting this neighborhood.    I found it hard to love the character of April because of some of the choices she chose to make.   To me this is a sign of good writing where the author can craft a character that you either love or hate.   Check out the characters in Dollars to Donuts.


 This novel is also available at the Readathon as a prize.

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