Saturday, May 11, 2013

What Would You Dream of Doing One Day?

Kathleen Kole generously donated a set of her books for the Readathon on May 18th.  The last of the books she donated is Favorable Conditions which is her most recent work.


Pat Keegan recently sent her daughter Crystal off to college.  Oh and by the way she is divorced too!  What will she do with the time?  After a night of partying by herself; Pat decides that she needs to make some changes.  The first change being a new career.  Her friends are very supportive of her making some changes after the divorce.   Gerry and Travis the gay couple who help Pat with making her first steps into a new career by supporting her purchase of the local used bookstore.  She also has Melanie for moral support who is another shop owner.  Will Pat be able to weather all the changes in her life?

My Thoughts:

I liked the book.  I loved the characters that seemed all very well thought out.   I had a hard time reading about Pat’s insecurities but these insecurities would be appropriate considering what she had recently been through, in her life.   Ms.  Kole does a great job of creating characters that you would love and those characters you love to hate.   I had a very hard time liking the daughter.   I only wish more was said about all that went into the bookstore.

My dream would be to open my own bookstore.  What would your dream be?  Would you be afraid to make the changes necessary to accomplish this?

You can reach Kathleen Kole by facebook   and twitter.

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