Friday, May 10, 2013

Kathleen Kole Blog Tour for Breaking Even

I am glad to welcome the Kathleen Kole’s blog tour to Writer’s Corner. I am thankful for the opportunity to have Kathleen here today. I haven’t ever read anything by Kathleen Kole before. I want to tell everyone that this is an author worth checking out.


Penelope agrees to run her nephews to school in the process she locks the keys in the car and meets a handsome stranger. She can’t stop thinking about him and shares her morning adventure with him at school to Kris and Renee her two sisters-in-law to bes. They express their concerns that Penelope would give this much attention to this guy. She is convinced she can have a friendship but her fiancée is in the dark about this infatuation.

Kathleen has a couple of themes running through this book. The handsome stranger who helps Penelope out but keeps showing up in her life, and the other theme in the book is about how you define your life. How would you make changes to improve yourself? How would others feel about those changes? This theme characterizes the conflict between Kris and Penelope’s relationship.

I really enjoyed this book. A great read for all! This book is a page turner that will be enjoyed by all.


Breaking Even is also featured in the Readathon Giveaway at Stonecrest Library.  This book is part of a set that Kathleen Kole has set aside for a lucky winner.

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