Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wonderful Debut for Samantha March Destined to Fail

The first novel by Ms. March is a hit!  It has a wonderful quality of personality and character.  Thank you Samantha for the opportunity to share this novel.

Jasmine Jones is excited to leave for college with her best friend Abby.  She is more than ready to leave the town of Julien where she has lived and gone to school.  The women have been accepted to a college in Des Moines Iowa.  Will college turn out to be everything that Jasmine has dreamed of?  Or will her plans have to change?  Jasmine has the support of her mother and siblings and her boyfriend Nate. 

My Thoughts:

This novel is self-published independent.  I was curious about the choice to self-publish instead of visit the big houses.   Ms. March addresses on her website.    Although this novel is an independent it is still worth your time?    I felt this was a good first effort for a debut.

This novel is chalked full of conflict and circumstances.   The author does a wonderful job of describing circumstances such as pregnancy.  One piece of advice I had been given as a writer is don’t just say the character is something.  Describe it!   Have you ever read a novel guessed what was coming or where the author was going with a particular circumstance?   I was surprised how much depth there is to Destined to Fail. 

Samantha March working hard on her next novel The GreenTicket.   She would love to hear from you via website, Facebook, and twitter.


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