Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cooking with Great Reviews for Georgia's Kitchen by Jenny Nelson

Georgia's Kitchen is the book club selection for Chick Lit and Other Fiction for January.   The theme is hobbies/ New Year’s Resolutions.   I think this book brings a wonderful hobby of cooking.

Welcome to Marco’s the restaurant which is also owned by Marco; where Georgia is the Chef.  Marco and Georgia have a history from the past.   She is popular with her staff and has a lot riding on a good read review from Mercedes Sante a well known critic.  Georgia thinks she has finally found the way to lift her career when tragedy strikes.  Georgia is left without a job or much of a career.    Georgia checks her lists and decides a trip to Italy is the thing to do.   She goes to visit her friend and mentor Claudia Cavalli.  What will she find there?  Will she learn from her friend Claudia?
My Thoughts:
I loved this novel.  You must check out this debut novel by Jenny Nelson.  I can’t wait for her next book.  What     I  truly loved about this book is the ingredients involved in this story:  great character, wonderful setting, and great career.  I really liked Georgia’s character felt that I could identify with her struggles and found myself rooting for in the end.   The story has many twists and turns.  



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