Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Are You Ready to Catch the Fire?

I read this novel during the Dewey Readathon, and it was an excellent choice the second book in the Hunger Games Series.


Product DetailsKatniss and Peeta have survived the games, and have returned to District 12.  Katniss now has a home in Victor’s Village for her mother and her sister.    She has all the money she could ever need.  You would think that she would be happy, but she still prefers her old stomping grounds outside of the district.  Peeta is around and still wishes for more from Katniss.  Does she have it to give?  One day President Snow pays Katniss a visit threatening all that is sacred and important to her.   Can she pull off the ultimate deception convince the Public that she absolutely adores Peeta or will rebellion break out?  What are her true feelings?

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this novel and wasn’t too surprised with the direction the plot took.  One question that I asked myself will Katniss end up in another games maybe as a mentor?  I was wrong with where I thought the plot was heading in this novel.  I will not spoil it for the rest of you.  Ms. Collins takes this plot in a different direction then what was expected to prepare readers for the final novel Mockingjay.  I maintain my position that Suzanne Collins is a great storyteller.  

I was a little disappointed with the direction of the story.   I had hoped that Katniss would get some relief from the games   I still very much enjoyed this novel but not as much as the first.



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